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Transitions Estate Sales conducts one to two estate sales each month throughout the year. Check here frequently for updates on all upcoming sales. As sales are scheduled, we will keep you posted with developing details and a link to photos of items included. And just so you won't miss a one, fill out the brief form to the right and we'll send all the scoop directly to your email in box!

Estate Sale This Weekend!

In North Shreveport

9:00am to 4:00pm

9:00am to 4:00pm

Location: 6612 North Club Dr | Shreveport, LA 71107

Directions: Go out North Market, pass under I-220, proceed to the division of Hwys 1 and 71, and take the Hwy 1 side toward Vivian and Oil City. Continue to the intersection at Old Mooringsport Road and turn left onto Old Mooringsport (between McDonald's and Exxon) continuing about 2 miles to Northwood Country Club. Turn left onto Wasson Road,  then go to the second street on the right (North Club Drive). Proceed to the sale which is at the first house on the right.  A large dumpster is in yard. 



Transistion Estate Sales and Weldon Estate Sales teamed up to  bring you this unforgettable event. 
You are invited to begin an estate sale experience you have never witnessed before and probably will never see again. This is the first sale of perhaps 5 or 6 that will be necessary to sell all the items accumulated in this estate. There is enough merchandise to open a store, and the majority of the items we have for sale are all NEW.  To say the owner of this estate had a buying problem is the understatement of the century. We were told that for years, she went to a store or two every day and bought a large amount of items, brought the items home, and packed them away in a Rubbermaid tote. She accumulated this vast amount over a several year period and just packed it away, never using hardly any of it. For just an overview, this estate contains between 3 and 4,000 Rubbermaid totes and containers of merchandise, a house running over full, and 3 Pods full of items. About 1,000 containers  of merchandise and the empty totes will be for sale at this first sale. The rest are in storage for the next sales. Diane and Linda tackled this monster job and worked on it for 3 months before Patsy and I got involved. Together, we have now completed the prep for the first sale, which will be held on September 19 and 20, 2014, at 6612North Club Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana. Please make note of the hours as they are different from Diane's normal hours. We will have signs out to help you arrive.

Items for Sale: For this first sale, we have the oversized garage packed full, a large glassed-in patio room full, the utility room between the garage and patio, a huge tent set up in the back yard with tables full, and hundreds of totes and containers stacked in various locations around the pod and back yard.  We found some of the totes outside, packed full and covered with tarpaulins, so some totes will require a little cleaning as they were sitting on the ground. We are selling them at a bargain also.
There is so much stuff, it is hard to know where to start - (remember the vast majority of these items are new) - yard tools of any kind imaginable; hand tools of all kinds, sets of tools, water coolers, baskets of every description,; metal baskets, bowls, frames, holders of all kinds, Breyer HorsesĀ®, Barbie Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, Ginny Dolls, Star War Toys, Hot Wheels Cars, batteries, extension and electrical cords, clocks, thermometers, furniture polishes, detergents and cleaners of any kind imaginable, about 500 cans of cat food, Ziploc and storage bags of all sizes and description, garbage bags of all kinds and sizes, boxes of china,  plastic house containers of all kinds, jars, cans and cans of Krylon and Rustoleum spray paint, china and ironstone, yard chemicals, paint brushes of all sizes, dishes, bowls, quality plastic items, hair products, file cabinets, storage bins, several radios, recorders, TVs, boxed kitchen appliances, croquet set, flower pots, lawn sprinklers, water hoses, 3 peice wooden yard set, figurines, about 500 silk flowers and vases, about 100 picture frames of all sizes and qualities, office supplies of all kinds, every size scissor known to man, stuffed animals, about 500 rolls of yarn, throws,  Christmas items, about 20 totes full of sewing material, about a dozen backpacks, solar lighting, luggage, mirrors, pictures, tarps, invalid items, garbage cans, patio furniture, lawn mowers, water hoses, yard sprinklers, empty totes and containers, and so MUCH, MUCH MORE! AND THIS IS JUST THE FIRST SALE!
We have about 3000 more containers in Pods and in storage for the next sales, plus the contents of the house. We expect to have the next sale in mid October. Come see us!


Diane, Linda, Patsy and Winfred

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